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to senator mitch mcconnell demanding that the filibuster of nlrb nominations come to an end. >> without the nlrb, 80 million private sector workers will have nowhere to turn for legal protection. hardworking americans deserve better than mitch mcconnell's political stunts. >> a pillar of american justice is if you don't have a remedy then you don't have meaningful rights. >> our republican colleagues treat labor rights as toxic. they're wrong. >> if you don't have a remedy, you don't have meaningful rights. supreme court of labor law, the nlrb has been inoperable for a year and a half. it's really astounding. i mean, think about just turning off the supreme court for a year and a half. all those big decisions that came down the last few weeks, all the consequences for people seeking redress, gone, shuttered. there are real consequences the nlrb. it oversees all kinds of cases. if your boss illegally withholds wages or benefits, if your boss fires you for a facebook post about safety or salary in the workplace, fires for you trying to organize fellow workers, all those disputes would wor
this weekend with senator harry reid and senator mitch mcconnell here tomorrow on nbc's "meet the press." on monday night, behind closed doors, the full senate will meet in the old senate chamber to discuss and debate the issue. "the new york times" called the exchange, -- and another new headline this morning, "is congress broken? you can send us a tweet or give us a call. you can send us a tweet or join us on facebook.com. this morning from inside the new york times, and other look back at what happened thursday, essentially setting up the debate that that will come front and center on monday. she makes this point -- sarah wheaton has a q&a on a book focusing on the dodd frank legislation. you can read it online at nytimes.com. nytimes.com.t one of the questions from sarah wheaton, her take away from the book, is there something fundamentally broken about washington? his results were -- the 2010 elections says robert kaiser wiped out the majority in the house. we obviously have a gridlock again. on the issue of changing the senate filibuster rule, which the senate is taking up this w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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